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Baker Mayfield Shows Us His Fortnite Dance Moves

Cleveland’s first-overall draft pick, Baker Mayfield, shows the people at Fanatics his favorite Fortnite celebration dances. Mayfield has a very polarizing personality and has no problem showing it. Last season at Oklahoma, Mayfield ran around Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio waving an Oklahoma University flag following a victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes. To end his celebration, Mayfield planted the flag at mid-field, in the middle of the Ohio State logo. Mayfield issued an apology shortly after.

Mayfield’s antics resulted in a more controversy throughout the season. During the game at Kansas University, Mayfield was caught on camera yelling at Kansas fans. Additionally, Mayfield was caught making obscene gestures towards the Kansas crowd, including grabbing his crotch. Another apology from Mayfield was issued.

The rookie quarterback has yet to play a professional game, but he is sure to let his personality show throughout his career. Browns fans seem to sit on both sides of the fence of whether they like Mayfield or not. And even then, arguments have come started of if Mayfield should be starting in the 2018 season or not. Needless to say, Mayfield’s time in a Cleveland Browns uniform will be watched closely by many.

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