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Cleveland Set for Best Season Yet

We have all seen the countless stories talking about how John Dorsey, Cleveland’s new general manager, is turning the Cleveland Browns organization around. After nearly two decades of turmoil, the Dawg Pound is ready to celebrate a winning culture in Cleveland. The fans have seen so many new faces come into town and listened to all of them say how they will bring “winning football” to Cleveland. Dorsey has not only talked about making a change, he’s making changes.

Every football fan seems to know that since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999 that they have had 28 different starting quarterbacks to date. The 29th quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, will be getting his chance when the 2018 season begins. Baker Mayfield, the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, is planned to be number 30. It is also worth noting head coach Hue Jackson, who is beginning his third year in Cleveland, is the ninth head coach for the Browns in the same amount of time. With 2018 going to be the 20th season of play since the Browns came back to the league, the average tenure of a head coach in Cleveland is just over two years. According to, the average tenure of an NFL head coach is over four years. Cleveland’s average is half of that.

If this has been the norm in Cleveland, what makes Dorsey think that this time is different? As previously stated, the Cleveland general manager is making those changes happen. He has set forth his plan and is acting on it. Based on reports coming out of Cleveland during this offseason, those new faces in the locker room are all the correct people to have in their positions.

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