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Why Urban Meyer Will Remain Head Coach at Ohio State

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On Wednesday, Brett McMurphy released a report via his Facebook page that is shaking the entire world of Ohio State football right now. McMurphy’s report contains a text message exchange between Shelley Meyer, head coach Urban Meyer’s wife, and Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of former assistant wide receivers coach Zach Smith. As a result of this story coming public, Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave from his duties until the university can conclude their own investigation of the situation. Details of the situation are still trickling out, so this is speculative based on the information that is known.

What we know

Smith was fired in July from his position on Meyer’s coaching staff at Ohio State following allegations of domestic abuse against his now ex-wife. These allegations trace back to 2009 when Smith was an intern on Meyer’s staff at Florida. In June 2009, Smith was charged with felony assault towards his then-pregnant wife Courtney. In July, Courtney claims that she was pressured into dropping the charges by people close to Meyer, including Zach’s grandfather and former Ohio State head coach Earle Bruce.

In April 2015, Courtney claims that she called 911 but hung up numerous times and did not pursue charges because she feared that Zach would lose his job. At this time Courtney claims that Zach threw her to the bathroom floor and yelled at her, blaming her for his actions. She left Zach in June but did not file for divorce. Courtney claims that Zach started to stalk her following this. A number of other events happened during 2015 following this, as shown in a report on

According to the Powell Police Department, Zach was charged with criminal trespassing in May 2018 after he admitted to showing up at his ex-wife’s house regardless of Courtney’s requests against it. On July 20, McMurphy reported that Courtney filed a domestic civil order against Zach as a result of showing up at her house to drop off their son instead of doing so at the arranged meeting place. Three days later, Zach was released from his job as a result of being charged with criminal trespassing towards his ex-wife.

At the Big Ten Media Days on July 24, Urban Meyer was questioned about the incidents surrounding Zach Smith. Meyer stated that he was not aware of any incidents that occurred between Zach and Courtney in 2015 and that he had just recently found out about the ones that occurred in 2018. That was the end of the matter until McMurphy released his post.

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